Camera Crews

Between Commercial Media’s in-house team and extensive roster of freelancers, we can crew any video production. Whether minimal camera crew of a Director of Photography & Sound Mixer, or larger multi-crew productions, we can staff any production with skilled motion picture technicians & creatives to get the job done. Our team has worked on nearly every type of production, from Commercial Productions to Reality TV, Narrative Film, Documentaries, & Web Videos. We have the experience to make your shoot a success, and to find the right people for each position on a production crew.


As an out of town producer in a market you aren’t familiar with it can be hard to know who to hire, source video production equipment, find & scout locations, and all the other logistics associated with filming. Our production coordinators will find you the best Camera Operators, Sound Recordists, Hair/Makeup Stylists, Gaffers, Grips, Prop Masters, Set Decorators, and Production Assistants available.

We will work with you to bring your video production from concept to reality, ensuring we elevate your organizations message every step along the way.

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