Commercial Media Production Process

Video Production Process

Video Production Process: A Guide for Clients

Creative Consulting Services

Creative Consultation

We start by meeting with our clients and establishing what your media needs are. Understand your brand’s message and identity, we begin brainstorming to determine the best video concepts and directions to take your media content. Having explored numerous options, we present to the client the best final concepts for evaluation.

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Copywriting & Script Development

Copywriting & Script Development

Once we have locked down the concept for the video production, we begin the copywriting and script development phase. This is where we lock down not only exactly what we are going to say in the video, but how; This is the framework for successful and cohesive video content. Using the script as a roadmap, we know exactly what we need to capture and can spend more time perfecting those elements.

Copywriting for Commercial Videos

Pre-Production Management


One of the worst thing you can do is rush into production without a clear plan. There are a lot of logistics to making a video, from hiring a camera crew & production equipment, to casting on screen talent, establishing a production schedule, and maximizing production value while staying in budget. Having a well organized video shoot is the key to any successful production, and the end results will show.

Pre-Production Planning and Project Managment

Video Production Company

Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action!…..Now comes the fun part where we actually shoot your video. Whether you need a large scale production crew ready to make your national commercial spot come to life, or a minimal camera crew, Commercial Media has your production covered. We provide a turn key service for all you media production needs, from Production Crews & Video Gear, to Casting & Locations. We have the expertise to accomplish nearly any type of production:

Video Production Services

Video Editing & Color Grading Services


Editing is all about storytelling; Having shot captivating content in the field, now we piece it all together, telling a cohesive narrative ready to elevate your brands message. Having a highly skilled editor is one of the most decisive parts of how a production turns out. It could be shot beautifully, but fail miserably and not engage your audience without the touch of a true professional post-production team. Luckily Commercial Media has an exceptionally skilled video editing team who are passionate about telling great stories.

Video Post-Production Services, Color Grading, Motion Graphics

Sound Design, Foley, & Audio Mixing to Picture

Sound Design, Foley, & Audio Mixing

Sound is one of the most compelling parts of any production, and is the element that keeps your audience watching longer than any other. Commercial Media has an in house post-production team, complete with Recording Studio, Foley Stage, Mixing Stage, and Voiceover Booth. Armed with an comprehensive sound effects library, custom foley recording, & audio manipulation techniques we can create sounds to match just about anything, from immersive ambiences, to action sounds, machine noises, and more. Audio Mixing is all about balancing and enhancing sound elements in your videos.

Sound Design Services

Video Distribution Services


Once we have finished your videos, we deliver them in ready to distribute format. No matter whether its bound for TV, Web, or Mobile viewing, we keep its destination in mind from pre-production through shooting the video, and in post-production, ensuring we stay in spec throughout the entire process. Let Commercial Media bring your productions to life.

Video Distribution & Streaming

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